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Simple reviews for the simple side of photography. Gear…gear is good and good gear is expensive, so spending your hard earned dollars [...]


Recent Photography Ideas + Tutorials

Neon Bubble Photography

These aren’t your average bubbles, these are like disco bubbles and we’ll show you exactly how to make them and photograph them Read More

Oil on Water: Abstract Photography

Since oil and water don’t mix, we thought it’d be an interesting idea to photograph them together for an interesting abstract look. Read More

Product Photography

Entice customers to purchase with great photos of your product or it could just some old knick nack that you Read More

Get Your Camera Out of Automatic Mode and into Manual

 Make Your Camera Work for You in 2 Steps

If your camera has a manual mode, and you are not using it, you are only using half the camera you paid for!  Unlock your camera’s full potential!

Get 1000% more control over your shots
Automatic mode exposes for your entire scene, not your subject
Why are you still reading this? Lets get started today!


A Crash Course on Manual Mode

Unlock your camera's full potential in a few minutes


Canon 17-40mm F4L Review

We’ve done a slew of aftermarket lens reviews in the wide angle category so we decided we to bring in the “standard” which the 3rd party lenses are compared to.  This is the venerable Canon 17-40mm F4L, first introduced in 2003.  It has been out for many years and has not been updated at all.  This has been around long before Sigma, Tokina or Tamron have been making even decent lenses.  For comparison, the Tokina 17-35mm F4 just came out in 2011.  Read More >

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  • bubble_photography_9_large

Neon Bubble Photography

Bubble Photography that Daft Punk Would be Proud Of
These aren’t your average bubbles, these are like disco bubbles and we’ll show you exactly how to […]

  • Oil_photography_1_large

Oil on Water: Abstract Photography

Create Abstract Photography with Every Day Items
Do you have some oil sitting around in your house, maybe an old aquarium you’re not using?  Well, […]

  • Product_photography_7_large

Product Photography for Selling Online

Entice Customers to Purchase with Great Photos of your Product
Or it could just some old knick nack that you want to sell on Ebay. […]